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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Is THIS What America Signed Onto?

It is expected that President Barack Hussein Obama will soon sign into law the so-called Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), which will overturn any other existing laws restricting abortion. It will be the perfect infanticidal storm when implemented.

Ironically, the IL Born Alive Infants Protection Act which Obama voted against 3 times (but lied about in the Presidential Debates) is expected to be included in those laws overturned. He was the only one to vote against it as an IL state legislator back then, and now he will finally get his way. Is this what the country signed onto when they voted for this guy? Every so often (but more often in the last 18 years) this country has to learn the hard way that it's actually better to put the grown-ups in charge. I wonder if we will recover from this one?

It is now more important than ever to win the hearts and minds of the American people issue by issue by explaining things in simple, easy-to-understand language that even a liberal can understand:

At Desiring God, a Calvinist Christian site, you will find a page with 15 pro-life truths you can pass on to your pro-choice friends to sort of bring them back down to Earth where common sense can sometimes be found----

[1. Existing fetal homicide laws make a man guilty of manslaughter if he kills the baby in a mother's womb (except in the case of abortion).

2. Fetal surgery is performed on babies in the womb to save them while another child the same age is being legally destroyed.

3. Babies can sometimes survive on their own at 23 or 24 weeks, but abortion is legal beyond this limit.

4. Living on its own is not the criterion of human personhood, as we know from the use of respirators and dialysis.

5. Size is irrelevant to human personhood, as we know from the difference between a one-week-old and a six-year-old.

6. Developed reasoning powers are not the criterion of personhood, as we know from the capacities of three-month-old babies.

7. Infants in the womb are human beings scientifically by virtue of their genetic make up.

8. Ultrasound has given a stunning window on the womb that shows the unborn at eight weeks sucking his thumb, recoiling from pricking, responding to sound. All the organs are present, the brain is functioning, the heart is pumping, the liver is making blood cells, the kidneys are cleaning fluids, and there is a fingerprint. Virtually all abortions happen later than this date.

9. Justice dictates that when two legitimate rights conflict, the limitation of rights that does the least harm is the most just. Bearing a child for adoption does less harm than killing him.

10. Justice dictates that when either of two people must be inconvenienced or hurt to alleviate their united predicament, the one who bore the greater responsibility for the predicament should bear more of the inconvenience or hurt to alleviate it.

11. Justice dictates that a person may not coerce harm on another person by threatening voluntary harm on themselves.

12. The outcast and the disadvantaged and exploited are to be cared for in a special way, especially those with no voice of their own.

13. What is happening in the womb is the unique person-nurturing work of God, who alone has the right to give and take life.

14. There are countless clinics that offer life and hope to both mother and child (and father and parents), with care of every kind lovingly provided by people who will meet every need they can.

15.Jesus Christ can forgive all sins, and will give all who trusts him the help they need to do everything that life requires.

Here are the places where most abortions are done in the Minnesota. Ask God how the gospel of Christ might be most fruitfully shared with those who work here, with a view to saving life now and for eternity. The one nearest the church (Meadowbrook) advertises on their website that they do abortions up to 21.6 weeks.

Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, HIGHLAND PARK CLINIC: 1965 Ford Parkway, St. Paul, MN 55116; (651) 698-2406.;

Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, MINNEAPOLIS CLINIC: 1200 Lagoon Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55408, (612) 823-6300;;

Meadowbrook Women's Clinic, P.A.: 825 South 8th Street, Suite 1018, Minneapolis, MN 55404, (612) 376-7708;;

The Robbinsdale Clinic: 3819 West Broadway, Minneapolis, MN 55422; (763) 533-2534;

Midwest Health Center for Women: 33 South Fifth Street, Fourth Floor, Minneapolis, MN 55402; (612) 332-2311;

By John Piper. © Desiring God. Website:]

I included the abortion clinics with contact information because they should be held accountable for their crimes against humanity. Feel free to contact them and express your opinions in a reasoned and civilized manner. In case they seem hard of hearing, you may wish to scream loudly. Huh? Do I have an attitude???

(hat tip: Brutally Honest)


Anonymous said...

Culture?Education?Religion? Maybe a little bit of transparency now would help us understand.Isn't there an operation that prevents the need for murder? To rip the soul from a mother's womb,is no less humane, Is it better to die of starvation? Or,is this inner city birth control?To live the the rest of her life with murder,the murder of her own sin must be a horrible price to pay.But some may not know the difference?