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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Highly Anticipated Film, OCTOBER BABY, To Be Released This Month! Preview Included

Where to begin...  Okay, there is a new movie called October Baby that's being released October 25th in Mississippi and Alabama (early release) and then nationally in the Spring of 2012 that is certain to make waves and bring a lot of attention to the abortion issue.  This at a time when so much attention has been directed to that topic since the '08 presidential election.  The movie is about a teenage girl who finds out she was adopted as a baby after barely surviving an abortion attempt by her birth mother.  So she decides to seek out said birth mother and find answers.  In the process she learns many life lessons, as we can well imagine  (but there must be surprises here), and learns how to forgive.  

If the story rings a bell, you might be thinking of Gianna Jessen, to whom we were introduced during that '08 presidential campaign as an abortion survivor, herself, as she campaigned against then-Senator Obama, who worked against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (both as Illinois State Senator, himself making a speech against the bill on the floor of the Illinois legislature, and as Senator from Illinois in Washington DC for the national version.  Both bills passed and were signed into law.) which also brought Jill Stanek national attention, but I digress...  The film is loosely based upon Gianna's personal story, and it is a film that has, by her own account, been very cathartic for her.  Thank God.

A big hat tip goes to Lisa Graas, who is a contributor to Live Action.  Be sure to watch the preview below (expect to have your heartstrings pulled, THIS IS A POWERFUL FILM), and please stick around for the message from the two producers of this film.