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Friday, January 21, 2011

"CHOICE" Is A Euphemism, And It's All They Have Left In Their Arsenal

Back in the pre-Civil-War days of the mid 19th Century, whenever northerners would travel past the Mason-Dixon Line to visit friends and/or relatives at their plantations, the subject of slavery was strictly taboo in polite conversation.  Euphemisms would be used referring to slaves as "servants," "helpers," or simply..."boy."  The culture shock of this on the northerners must have been very difficult to keep to themselves, especially when they noticed how many of the slaves bore a stark, physical resemblance to the master of the house.  It was largely because of this "politeness" or political correctness that made slavery so easy to defend in the South.  It can be argued, IMHO, that had the truth in its appropriately ugly language been commonly used with slave owners to their faces, the shame of it all might have caused slavery to end sooner, and with much less bloodshed.  The South might have given it up voluntarily.

Today the nature of socially accepted barbarity rings familiar, as if we as a human race really haven't come that far from pre-Civil-War days.  Our society allows those who seek to keep the anathema of abortion "safe and legal" to refer to it as "CHOICE," rather than what it really is, MURDER of a child in the womb.  And as we all well know, the word "abortion," which is an accepted term by both sides of the issue is rarely used by those who defend the practice.

Today NARAL is having a pro-abortion blog bomb called "Blog for Choice Day," which "boils the blood" of Jill Stanek and MANY OTHERS, including me.  So Jill, a champion of the unborn, has quickly and successfully implemented ASK THEM WHAT THEY MEAN BY CHOICE blog day, on which I am participating with this post.  The pro-abortionists must be corrected in their deceitful choice of words.  Make them say what the so-called CHOICE is all about.  Thank you, Jill.  You do the Lord's work!


Cmom said...

I just may have to blog a word or two on this subject myself!

Kevin Gleeson said...

A tour of my Facebook friends' posts shows the NARAL call to action to have been a complete dud in my piece of the world.

Matt@StBlogustine said...

Well, that's really great Kev. Thanks for taking it seriously.

Kevin Gleeson said...

What! I put in the time, didn't I? And BTW, my blog is busted. Can't post to it without a fix.

Matt said...

I wouldn't expect you'd find much on NARAL in "(your) piece of the world" anymore than you'd find hookers at a convent or commies at the Heritage Foundation.

You could've gone to NARAL's blog, the Puff Ho, or The Daily Kooks to leave comments just to get involved. If you did any of that then great.

Kevin Gleeson said...

Oh. I just did block patrol.

T. Paine said...

You are absolutely correct, Matt.

When you call something what it really is, then the acceptance of that ugliness is a whole lot more unpalatable!