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Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 March For Life in Washington DC

There was great excitement in Washington DC today as over 250,000 people converged on the National Mall for a pro-life rally and the 38th annual March For Life.  The atmosphere is super-charged every year as young and old alike show their support for overturning the infamous Roe v. Wade court case which legalized abortion-on-demand.

They came from all over the country and from distant lands overseas:  from as far as Alaska, Texas, Maine, Florida, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, and Vietnam.  There were mostly Catholics it seemed, but also Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Baptists, as well as some Jewish Rabbis on hand.  And this is not merely a white man's battle.  All races have a dog in this fight.  And all were in good spirits as they celebrated life, and seemed filled with the Grace of God when explaining our pro-life position to the almost 10 so-called pro-choicers that showed up.  Yes, whereas last year they numbered almost 60, this year they barely broke double digits.

Unfortunately the Main Stream Media is likely to almost completely ignore this march, or they might claim there were an equal number of pro-choice participants to the pro-life ones, because they have their agenda and are determined to promote it, even to the detriment of their credibility on the world stage.  Pravda will get it right before our media does, and that's by choice!

The rest of the 105 pictures are up on Flickr and available now. And do click on them to make them larger.  They are 8 megapixels and will show much detail.  Enjoy!

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_______and now back to The March For Life...

It took some doing, but we found the so-called pro-choicers floundering in the crowd near the Supreme Court Building, their last refuge.

Orthodox Jewish people don't like to spell out the Almighty.  Click on this to enlarge and read his sign.

And this one should give you at least an idea of the size of the pro-life crowd.  It went on forever...


Emily said...

This is Awesome!!! I'm disappointed that I could not attend, but I was there in my prayers!!

Cmom said...

These pictures are wonderful. You truly captured what no news media ever will. Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I've linked at Ladies for Life and on my Facebook page.

I tried to make it to the March for Life in Boise, Idaho, but got thwarted by road conditions (bad fog, insane drivers). When I went to find news coverage, it's like somebody had declared a blackout. Finally, a paper from outside of Boise did a small article, saying several hundred were there.

sam said...

Great job on the photos!!! Love your blog title too!!!
Check out this book and blog...give him a shout out...he is a new guy on the block!!!

Matt@StBlogustine said...


Looks like a very inspiring story! I will try to grab a copy soon.

Al said...

Matt, love the pictures, esp the 1 of the Italianos with Voglio Vivere. Will be borrowing it & a couple others for my blog. With proper credit of course.
BTW I wonder if that person holding the "Keep Abortion Legal" sign in the center of the "pro-choice" group is the same person the AP photographer used in the picture in the TH I mentioned in my post that I just added. The coat & gloves look identical.
In both it also looks as if the person is intentionally hiding her face.

Matt@StBlogustine said...

Yes, she could be wanted by the law...or perhaps she's simply shading her eyes from the sun.

That AP reporter must be very good at sniffing out pro-choicers, because I had a hard time finding them on the first sweep past the Supreme Court building. At first I thought they'd opted out this year.

T. Paine said...

Fantastic! It is truly sad that this did not garner any attention in the statist media.

I have not seen the "I regret my abortion" signs before. Those are particularly powerful.

I find it interesting, as our parish stood out at the intersection by the local mall last October for our life-chain event with our pro-life signs that most of the passer-by's honked and were supportive. This was actually quite gratifying.

Often times the ones that made vulgar gestures or comments towards us were young "men". I am not quite sure what that says about our current culture.

Anonymous said...

I'm posting a few of my pictures from this year at Domestic Vocation. Head here:

Cathy D said...

The parish selected to lead the parade is St. Joe's in Farmington, MO. The priest (the only one in black holding the banner) is Fr. Rickey Valleroy. He used to be our associate pastor. We love Fr. Rickey!