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Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Mind Has Been On Christie Lately...

When I look at this man, Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey, I'll admit it.  I see a fat guy.  But when I listen to him communicate, I hear....Reagan?  No.  This guy has more backbone than Reagan.  

Oh, wait.  Am I allowed to say that?  We lionize Reagan as we look back and view videos of his speaches, but seldom do we recall those times he succumbed to compromise sooner than we were comfortable with.  But Christie seems like someone who not only articulates his point as masterfully as Reagan, but is also willing to go to the mattresses in order to get his way.  And his way is fiscal responsiblity.  Is it time for Christie to look beyond the Governor's mansion?  Will it be in 2012?  Is that too soon?  Can we really afford to spare this guy?  We should watch New Jersey closely and see how this all plays out.


T. Paine said...

I am happy to see that we are of like mind here, Matt. I have thought the exact same thing about Christie. He is seemingly exactly what is needed to return our nation to some semblance of constitutional sanity.

Normally I wouldn't think someone from the right that is that outspoken that uses facts would actually be electable on a national level because the media will surely lambast him.

I think he could be different because of the timing though. People are disgusted with the media and the way the country is going. Christie may very well be imminently electable to the oval office, particularly if he is able to show that his reforms are helping New Jersey in the next two years.

Kevin Gleeson said...

Did you mean to say we look at videos of Reagan's speeches, or Reagan's peaches? I know, at 1 AM it gets too tired to run spell check.