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Monday, June 14, 2010

Democrat Congressman Attacks Student Over Obama Agenda

This video was removed from YouTube and then came back again via Breitbart and The Associated Press.  The contents are kinda scary in a way, even though no blood was drawn.  It's a video of Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-NC) getting rather truculent to say the least, with a couple of students, one of whom asked him about how he feels regarding the Obama agenda. 

Naturally the entitled Congressman felt it was okay to manhandle the student (I surmise) because he is a Democrat, and therefore not accountable for violent reactions due to his thin skin.  In fact, I believe Websters defines Democrat as being emotional, quick to violence, and armed with no reason or accountability.  You could see it in the anti-war rallies a few years ago, as well as the more recent pro-amnesty (for illegal aliens) rallies.  Whereas Tea Party marches and Pro-Life marches are peaceful, well-ordered, and rather cleverly done, the liberal rallies are rife with violence, obscenities, and an intellectual void whose echos can be clearly heard through the mist of liberal apologetic media spin.

While I will pray for the Congressman, I also hope the video is used at his trial.


T. Paine said...

Well said! I also put this video on my blog, however, your comments regarding its contents were much more cogent than mine!

Eye on the Law said...

This office believes Congressman Etheridge should be arrested. What do you think? Please vote:

Matt said...

You're too kind, T. I see you posted that video 11 hours before I did. Good heads-up. Will throw a hat tip your way when I get the laptop out. No-can-do with iPhone.