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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oklahoma Ultrasound Law Suspended, Missouri Ultrasound Law On The Way

The Missouri State House voted 133-37 to approve a bill requiring ultrasounds for pregnant women seeking abortions, as well as making it a crime to coerce abortions at clinics like Planned Parenthood and others.  The bill faces an uphill battle when it gets to pro-abortion Governor Jay Nixon's desk unless the House and Senate can override him.

Meanwhile in Oklahoma, there has been a snag in a similar bill passed by both the State House and Senate, vetoed by Governor Brad Henry, but then passed into law three days later with overrides from both the House and Senate.  

But now Oklahoma County District Judge Noma Gurich has challenged the legality of the law, temporarily suspending it 45 days pending the outcome of of what many believe to be a futile attempt to derail the law.

The pro-abortionists are full of fear at the current trends toward abolition of abortion, and consider any challenge to what they perceive as the "right to choose..." to be a path down a slippery slope, no matter how logical or sensible the challenge might be.  

A great example of that is informed consent, not only of the expectant mother-to-be but to the parents of pregnant minors as well.  Every single pro-abortion person I've ever debated has said they don't feel comfortable with California-type parental consent laws, making it possible to hide the under-age pregnant daughter's "medical procedure" from her parents.  Yet none of them will stand against it when it's offered up for legislation.  

The vast majority of so-called pro-choice Americans believe in at least some restrictions on abortions, ie., not after the first trimester, not simply as a form of birth control, etc..., but continue to elect politicians who have an all-or-nothing mentality, who create laws allowing and even promoting abortion anytime for any reason.

Could there be any other reason for even the most liberal, "pro-choice" politician to deny a law giving pregnant mothers all the information they need to make an informed choice?  A required ultrasound would force Planned Parenthood and abortion mills like them to be a little less dishonest toward their customers.

(ultrasound pic from Cao's Blog)


Cmom said...

It's easy to "choose" for someone else. Especially when you have already been born!!!

T. Paine said...

I am heartened to see this trend spreading to Missouri! I have to imagine that this will be hugely helpful in the fight for life.

I wonder how often Planned Parenthood etc will have "broken" ultrasound machines etc or have other coercive tactics if a pregnant mother does reconsider and decide to NOT go through with an abortion.

Kevin Gleeson said...

Who's "anti-choice" now, hmm?