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Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day Rallies Give Away True Nature Of Amnesty Movement

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, but circumstances warranted that I attend to issues related to my current employment...  lest I become unemployed.

Today I had time to peruse some of my favorite blogs and news sources to see what I've been missing... and I found this LINK to Michelle Malkin's informative blog with a story about the resurgence of the illegal immigration movement and its continuing linkage to reconquista and communist organizations.  

The picture I snagged off her site, she got from THIS SITE, which laughingly gives away the true nature of the open borders supporters.  In broken English, they propose to link several other causes together with theirs, most of which are subversive and anti-American in order to intimidate rational people into giving in to their demands.  The fact that they embrace communism (see the red flags with images of Che?) makes one wonder how any Catholic leaders, let alone the entire USCCB, could offer up monetary support for any of the rallies (like the recent one in Washington DC!).  Would John Paul II have given his support to this after chasing the communists out of Poland and the Eastern Block?  Would Archbishop Fulton Sheen have jumped on board with pro-amnesty groups waving red communist flags?  I doubt it.

Although I would like to see illegals in this country delt with humanely with an EVENTUAL path to citizenship (they were, after all, invited here with a wink and nod from our government), I must take a harsh position on this issue so long as the pro-amnesty movement allies itself with anti-American movements like Reconquista or Marxism.  The latter is the chief reason I was and am so against Obama.

One more thing...  Mexico supports these amnesty movements here in the US, but in Mexico...  illegal aliens are treated differently.  Click HERE for the horrifying details of that.


T. Paine said...

Strange how the main stream media doesn't show the pictures and tell this side of the story, huh?