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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tipping Point: Righteous Indignation Becomes Rage Against The Machine

Upon hearing the details today of how Obamacare passed the House of Representatives due to betrayals of Stupak and shady deals of Pelosi, Obama, et al., my righteous indignation that had been welling up inside me over the past year turned to rage.  But it was not rage against those afore mentioned politicians; they live according to their nature, after all.  Nor is it rage against the naive and fickle public which elected them;  they act according to the information in front of them.  

My rage is aimed at the Main Stream Media for claiming to be objective while subverting news reporting and advancing their own twisted, America-hating, Castro-loving, left-wing agenda.  You cannot expect an ill-informed public to make prudent decisions in the voting booth, and elect politicians who will make the tough decisions in Washington to keep our great nation afloat economically and internationally.  When the MSM shirks their heavy responsibility the nation suffers.

My rage is also against school teachers (led by their unions) who, for several years, have traded high expectations of scholastic performance by our nation's youth in exchange for low expectations, political correctness, and self-esteem building.  You cannot expect today's children to grow into critical thinkers capable of distinguishing fact from fiction, and seeing through lies and deceit of unscrupulous politicos, when they have not been properly educated.  How can they avoid being taken advantage of when their minds are filled with propaganda rather than knowledge?  It is shameful that indoctrination has replaced education in today's schools.

Liberalism has an awful lot of power these days in that purveyors of information both in the media and the classroom largely subscribe to that way of thinking.   This gives liberals a distinct and unfair advantage in the influencing of opinions of the masses, making it difficult or next to impossible for conservatives to gain enough traction to attain power no matter how just our cause.  It is clear to me that if nothing is done about this unfair advantage, the Republicans will never have a 60 vote majority in the Senate or be able to hold both houses of Congress for any lengthy period of time.  And although we assume that this November we will see huge gains in both Houses for Republicans, you can expect lots of biased reporting by the media to prevent a complete take-over.  Count on it.

My rage over Obamacare and the betrayals associated with it have motivated me to act toward destroying such liberal advantages.  First I will force myself to watch the following news programs for no other reason than to make a list of their sponsors:  CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, and CNN.   I will sit and watch the commercials and then go make a sandwich during the news (it's been years since I've actually gone through the agony of watching the programs).  Then I will go online and email each sponsor or type out a letter and mail each of them the following:

Dear Sir or Madam,

While I have enjoyed using your product for many years, it has been brought to my attention that you are sponsoring (insert name of news program or newspaper here).

Since this (news program or newspaper) has been found to slant the news in an effort to advance a socialist agenda, I have decided to start using the product of your direct competitor while boycotting yours.  If you continue to sponsor (insert name of news program or newspaper here) then my switch to the other product will be permanent.

Isn't it wonderful that in our great country there are so many choices of products from which to choose?  I'm sure you can find another way to showcase your fine product without offending my sensabilities.


(insert your name here)

This is the best way to influence how newspapers or TV networks portray the news --hit them in their pocketbook.  And while so many newspapers are teetering on bankruptcy, it should be quite effective with them.

As far as the schools go... if I wasn't on the road all the time I would consider running for a position on the local school board to add my own conservative influence on school ciriculums.  Although at first my views might be in the minority, my very presence might encourage other conservatives to run.  And when we have the majority,... we could see fit to make George Washington portrayed in the classroom as a patriot and father of our country again instead of merely a white slave-owner who wore a powdered wig.  For an example of what can be done and why it's so important, click HERE.

UPDATE:  Do we want our country to become like CANADA???  Click HERE to find out how narrow-minded today's Canadian collegiate youth are on the free exchange of ideas!

Another UPDATE: Laura Ingraham and Matt Lauer on The Today Show.


T. Paine said...

Amen on everything you just stated so well!