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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shamnesty About To Rear It's Ugly Head Once Again... MARCH ON WASHINGTON THIS SUNDAY

I've been getting some disturbing emails from Jim Robb at NumbersUSA (for lower imigration levels) about a March On Washington by up to 100,000 people this Sunday, March 21, to fight FOR citizenship for 11-20 MILLION illegal aliens in the US.  This, of course, coming at a time when most of us are preoccupied with Obamacare and Toyota scares.  No doubt this calendar year will be packed solid with political events to which we will need to pay close attention.

NumbersUSA would like each of us who have a problem with automatic amnesty for illegals to visit every local district office of every Congressman across the nation on Friday, March 19th at 1:30pm local time to voice concern (politely, but with backbone), and deliver a printed or handwritten message for your Congressional representative stating your position.  Go HERE for the talking points.


Matt said...

Of course I mean you should visit your own Congressman's local office, not everyone else's!

T. Paine said...

It's amazing what the government tries to get away with when we are distracted with health care and other issues...