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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Catholic Church Set Ablaze By Nigerian Muslims ---Latest In Anti-Christian Wave of Violence

It has been some time since I've posted on the Islamofascist threat spreading around the globe, as I've been otherwise diverted toward spiritual (Catholic) and/or domestic issues.  But a story that appeared in the New York Times (which I never read) that was brought to my attention by the very esteemed Robert Spencer, who got it from Loganswarning, looked like something on which I should shed some light.  Here it is:

Published: January 18, 2010

Angry Muslim youths set fire to a church filled with worshipers, starting a riot that killed at least 27 people and wounded more than 300 in Jos, in northern Nigeria, officials said Monday. Sani Mudi, a spokesman for the local imam, said 22 people died in fighting between Christians and Muslims after rioters set fire to a Catholic church on Sunday. Five others died Monday from their wounds. More than 300 people were killed in inter-religious violence in Jos in 2008.

I hope, dear reader, that you noticed that the Catholic church in Jos, Nigeria was set ablaze during Mass, and it was done by members of the so-called "religion of peace" that is Islam.  Loganswarning has also reported on other recent church attacks by Islamofascists in Egypt, 3 in Malaysia,  and Algeria (Protestant church).  It's really not that big a deal to Muslims to commit these crimes.  They are comfortable with them and feel justified; in fact, the Koran tells them it's okay.

And don't expect much of a statement from the Pope.  Every time he addresses such issues it causes riots by Muslims in which nuns are set on fire.  Neither the Vatican, nor the rest of the world has the stomach to deal with this increasingly powerful threat to humanity.

Just in case you have forgotten how crazy violent these fanatics can be...


T. Paine said...

That is a very powerful movie and very enraging. The foolishness we do here and in Europe in the name of political correctness will only embolden the violent islamofascists in the west.

I wonder what it will take for the people of these countries to stand up and say NO MORE!