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Saturday, January 9, 2010

The 13th Day on DVD

The 13th Day has made it to DVD, so anyone can watch it without searching in vein for a movie theater bold enough to run it.

You can order it online from Aquinas & More by clicking on the ad link below (see picture), or by utilizing the links on the left column of the blog.  Why do I recommend Aquinas & More?  Several reasons:

  1. None of their goods are made in China.  A&M is sensitive about the use of slave labor, forced abortions, and unfair trade practices and refuses to sell goods made there.  How refreshing.
  2. Aquinas & More offers free standard shipping in some circumstances (depends on the dollar amount you order).
  3. Aquinas & More has a "good faith guarantee" and sticks to it.  I have never been dissatisfied with their service.
  4. Aquinas & More is NOT a corporate sponsor of Planned Parenthood, unlike some other large online retail outlets that sell books and DVD's.  Why would you shop at a place knowing that some of your spent money goes to pay for abortions? Wouldn't you avoid that if if meant paying a couple of dollars more?
  5. I have never included a "tip jar" on my blog as I think they are tacky.  But entering Aquinas & More through the links on my blog and then making purchases does help me financially.  And you  do not pay extra for it!
  6. Aquinas & More is the largest seller of Catholic Goods online. 
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The 13th Day

13th Day


T. Paine said...

I remember your posting on this movie. I'll definitely be checking it out. Thanks for the heads up!

findingfatima said...

Just watched this movie thought it was great. Cant wait to see the companion documentary finding fatima, Ive just watched the introduction to it on you tube and it looks amazing