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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Protest At Harrisburg, PA Capitol (Very Wet Tea Party)

Remember this?

There are tax protests going on all over the country today, like in Harrisburg, PA where it is raining. And it is cold, but the turnout was quite good in spite of the weather. Took a few pictures, but the rain threatened my not-so-weather-resistant Sony digital camera,as I joined the many on or near the west steps of the PA capitol building in Harrisburg, PA, a mere 100 paces from one of my favorite cathedrals.

The people who made signs and weathered the cold and rain were and are still angry at their government for wasteful spending, and are determined not to let them get away with it. It looked to be at least a thousand concerned people who turned out (which would have been several times that had it been sunny and warm) who wanted to make their views known: WE ARE BROKE! WE MUST STOP SPENDING LIKE THERE IS NO END TO THE MONEY SUPPLY.

I have included a few pictures I took, and would like to give a very warm THANK YOU to the two strangers who allowed me to stand under their umbrellas while I recorded pictures of the event. And I would also like to thank the GrassrootsPA guy for the free bumper sticker after I almost pinned him between my car and his as he was exiting his vehicle.

The crowd was much larger than it appears because I could not find a good vantage point from which to capture it in full. And if there were not so many umbrellas you could see more signs, some of which were quite clever. Feel free to click on the pictures if you want to make them larger.

For great overviews of the tea parties in general, check Atlas Shrugs, Michelle Malkin and American Power.

Urban Infidel has the report from the evenings activities (which went quite well) in NYC!


GrassrootsPA said...

You are very welcome for the bumper sticker! Sorry if I took too long to get my stuff out of the car!!!

Matt said...

ROFL! Hey, no problem.