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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Latest Victim Of Global Warming Hysteria? MY CAT

Looks like I will have to send my cat back to the shelter from where he was adopted, and all due to the chicken-little global warming hysteria. Click HERE for the whole story.


Paul said...

Buster has a lot of common sense for a, well, a cat (even for a person.) This hysterical, sky-is-falling, cult seems only to grow apace in government circles, especially with the ascendancy of the liberal Dems.

Your and Buster's personal tragedy will surely be multiplied manifold across the nation as "cap and trade," increased CAFE standards, mandated "alternative fuel use", and other PC Sharia-like "global warming" measures are enacted here willy-nilly. We will all be poorer, more miserable, more unemployed, and with a lower percentage of world trade, and all due to some zealots' discredited computer models and shallow liberals' desire to follow the "current trends." Very sad, Matt.