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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Stupid Choice Has Been Made

Before the news came out as to whom Obama chose to be his VP, I had in mind my own opinions about a few of the likely choices. I felt that NM Governor Bill Richardson was the smart choice. He would balance the ticket with his executive experience in running a state; he would bring his own Washington experience from his years in the Clinton cabinet, he would satisfy the liberal addiction to identity politics merely by being Hispanic (and thereby increasing Hispanic voter turnout for Democrats); and he would enhance the fact that the West is now in play by perhaps tipping the balance to Obama even in McCain's home state of Arizona.

The fearful choice (choice made from apprehension of repercussion) would have been Hillary Clinton. Fear, mainly of her many female minions who no doubt would like to cause trouble at the convention both because she was not chosen, AND because the news came out at 3AM (an obvious dig against her highness for the "3am phone call" ad she ran). Fear, also because if he had chosen her he would feel nervous every time he started his car or took a bite of food. Somehow the Clintons have acquired the reputation for being overly ambitious.

The desperate choice would have been either Edwards: John-the-adulterating-former-Senator from NC or Chet the unknown-but-Washington-insider Congressman from TX for reasons stated herein.

But I would have thought the stupid choice to be Senator Joe Biden of DE. For Senator Biden not only doesn't compliment the ticket, but serves to directly contradict it handily. There are several examples of this. Here are a few: first, his many verbal gaffes which have brought much embarrassment to the Democrat party both for the stupidity of them and for the occasional racist nature of their meaning. Perhaps Obama was trying find someone to divert attention away from his own stupid comments. But the fact that Biden infuriates some minorities must have been lost upon the Illinois Senator. He would have been better served nominating Senator and former Klansman, Robert Byrd for VP.

Second, Biden is a Washington insider. So much so, in fact, that he has served six terms in the Senate. That's more than John McCain himself. Obama has stated publicly that America is no longer great---that our country isn't what it once was. Much of the blame for this would logically fall upon his own VP choice. Would it not? I suppose there is no HOPE in any CHANGE happening in an Obama administration now.

Third, Biden voted enthusiastically for the Iraq war. And even though he has flip-flopped on this issue, Biden still wants to make our military LARGER, not smaller. This is the complete opposite of what Obama has proposed to do.

In addition, Biden offers no economic gravitas to the ticket. And his double brain aneurysm that he survived could spell big health issues down the road.

All this just to get someone with foreign relations expertise. Go figure.


Paul said...

Offhand, can't think of anything to add to this analysis, Matt. We now seem to have a team of "flakes" running for the White House.