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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bill Clinton Refuses To Say Obama Ready To Be President

An article in the New York Daily News reports that former President Bill Clinton, although regretting some comments made during the Democrat primary, refuses to say that Barack Obama is ready to be President. Read the full article HERE. Personally I couldn’t agree more. Obama changes positions more often than a lab rat on a hot plate, he is the most pro-abortion candidate I’ve ever seen, he is too young, too inexperienced, he lacks mental stamina (see countless gaffes), he has a history of surrounding himself with people who have extreme views who express disdain for America (ie., his wife Michelle, Bill Ayers, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, etc…), etc…

But I suspect Bill Clinton may have other reasons in addition to mine listed for such a resounding omission of support. First, it is no secret that if Obama loses this election, Hillary will have one more chance in 2012 for a White House run. Considering that McCain will be….well, very old, and there will have been 12 years (once again) of Republican control of the Oval Office, things could line up quite well for Hillary should she stop telling tall-tales and wearing ugly pant-suits, and actually win her party’s nomination. It would be prime time for her to win it all. And Bill Clinton DID say on numerous occasions that Hillary is ready to be President, in spite of his recent qualifier to smooth things over for Obama:

["You can argue that nobody is ready to be President," the former President told ABC News.

"You can argue that even if you've been vice president for eight years, that no one can be fully ready for the pressures of the office," Clinton said.]

Here he seems to take a swipe at Al Gore, Clinton’s Vice President for eight years. This leads me to the second reason, that Bill Clinton believes that only Bill Clinton is qualified to be President. Why else would he virtually torpedo his wife’s chances by publicly getting hot under the collar and by falling for Obama’s race card trap? Although I think a strong part of Bill Clinton wants his wife to be elected, there is that nagging part of him which hates sharing the spotlight with anyone. We also saw this in Bob Dole (to a degree) when he made some backhanded compliments about his wife, Liddy, when she ran for President in 2000. She exited the primary shortly after. Though in Dole’s case he may not have wanted his wife to win the White House after a single term as senator, when he could not win after several terms served. But I digress…