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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Are YOU Supporting Middle Eastern Terror???

You might be supporting terror every time you fill your gas tank. Click HERE to see if your favorite filling-up spot where you grab a newspaper, donut, and coffee is financing terror by purchasing their gas from terror sponsoring Middle Eastern nations. You might be surprised.

Paul has since reminded me that there are oil producing terror-sponsoring nations outside of the Middle East (who are also named by the Terror-Free Energy Coalition) who should be boycotted, like Venezuela for instance. And that Iraq should be an exception. Well, we ought to take Iraq's oil from them for the price of our blood and then let all the Middle Eastern nations, Iraq included, go out of business and once again become the poor, backward fiefdoms they continue to act like.


Paul said...

Matt, from what I can tell, the USA's major critics and enemies among the petroleum-producing states today are Iran and Venezuela. Targeting "Middle East" petroleum producers in general sweeps with too broad a brush , in my opinion. (E.g., it's in our interests to promote the production and sale of Iraqi oil.)

Meanwhile, there is one readily identifiable gasoline brand in the US that is owned by an outright enemy of our country: CITGO (owned lock, stock and barrel by Chavez of Venezuela). If I ran out of gas on a barren, desert stretch of I-80, I would gladly pay double or triple the price for AAA to go the next available station beyond the nearest CITGO for a can of gas.

St. Blogustine said...

What you say is true as far as government sponsored terrorism goes. But we must remember that all of the 9-11 hijackers were Saudis, and that terrorists have been found to be from all Middle Eastern oil producing nations. I wouldn't mind putting all of them out of business, frankly.

But you are also correct in including non-Middle Eastern terror supporting nations. Perhaps I should have included them as well. No, perhaps I WILL.

Paul said...

Matt, you raise good points.

But, as an old guy, let me remind you of a few "Inconvenient Truths":

1. The USA will be dependent on petroleum (and coal) for at least the next 40 years. (Bring on the hydrogen fuel, wind mills, super-batteries and solar panels--all sci-fi ooncepts right now, with despairing present scientific limitations, and combine that with the Gorean opposition to nuclear power.)

2. Until my car (and your truck) are powered by a wind-wheel or solar panel
on our roof, we're going to need petroleum.

3. Most of the petroleum today (since the Dems won't let us drill off-shore or in ANWR) is controlled by bad people.

4. Do we have a lot of choice?

St. Blogustine said...

We do get an awful lot of oil from Canada and Mexico. I am not sure of the percentages, but it is rather high.

I also included an extra blurb in my posting about taking the oil from Iraq as payment for the cost of our blood.

But you are correct in that solar-powered semi-trucks and cars are far off in the future.

Still, there are hydrogen cars and Jamie Lee Curtis likes hers, I think. And if we could find an industrialist like Kaiser (ship builder, WW2) and put him in charge, but first taming the Unions, and then if Hell froze over etc.....