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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Archbishop Cuts Down Christianity To Please Muslims

You might remember back in February when the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, suggested that Great Britain adopt sharia law to please (appease) the British Muslim population. It caused quite a stir. Shortly after, of course, he modified his statements and apologized for his "unclarity" and clumsy choice of words, and stated that he was only in favor of it "if - and please note that word - this were thought to be a useful direction in which to move."

Well, he made the papers again (Daily Mail), this time stating that Christian doctrine is offensive to Muslims in a conciliatory letter he wrote to Islamic leaders. In the letter he noted the Christian history of "violence, its use of harsh punishments and its betrayal of its peaceful principles." These are all things that Islamic leaders preach about Christianity to their own followers everyday, so they were no doubt pleased to hear this validation from a Christian leader. He went on to say that " faiths which reject the use of violence should learn to defend each other in their mutual interest." Who does this guy think he's writing to?!?

The naivete of this Archbishop knows no bounds. But then that has always been a common element shared by the liberal-minded. Like the Archbishop...and even Barack Hussein Obama, they claim to want to reach out and communicate for the sake of peace with those who publicly state their desire to destroy us. But I suspect it is FEAR which motivates the appeaser, resulting in a self-imposed naivete---> shoving one's head in the sand to avoid seeing the obvious danger signals in front of you, lest you should have to defend yourself.

The Islamic leaders are no doubt thrilled. For they count on appeasers like Williams to buckle in fear at Islamic bullying to the point where the appeaser is willing to compromise his own core beliefs and betray even God with a pluralistic viewpoint just to live on Earth without pain ------>COWARDICE!!!... or as Churchill once said, " feeding a crocodile in hopes he eats you last."

It is past time either for this Archbishop to step down, or for the more reasonable and Christ-centered of the Anglican Church to break away from a church which promotes appeasement to Islam and acceptance of homosexual behavior among the "faithful."

(Hat Tip: Gates of Vienna)


Paul said...

As a Catholic, I probably shouldn't comment on the Anglican Church, though there are schisms aplenty there between orthodox and "liberal" religious leaders, (the former being primarily from Africa.)

I hark back to the contrasts between Thomas More and Archbishop Cranmer, and how they reacted to royal and social pressures in their time vs. their avowed religious values and vows, but, viewing the picture of the good Archbishop, I can't help but be reminded of an old song of my youth;

"He's an old hippie,
"And he don't know what to do.
"Should he hang on to the old,
"Should he grab on to the new?"

The so-called "mainstream" churches have been hemorrhaging membership and appeal for years in Europe and America because of their ambivalence toward the core of Christianity vs. their hippie youthful upbringing and conditioning. For shame! (And good for you for spotlighting this old hippie fool.)

St. Blogustine said...

Thanks, I always look forward to your comments.