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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

STAND UP For Laura Ingraham!

Laura Ingraham has a new post on her site linking to THIS PAGE with disturbing news about the possible future of her radio program. Here is a portion:

[People: Laura Ingraham deserves your support.

At her website (, this message is posted:


Due to contractual obligations, for the present time I am unable to reveal why I am not currently hosting The Laura Ingraham Show. Rest assured, this absence is not of my choosing, nor is it health or family related. I am ready, willing and eager to continue the conversation we started seven years ago about politics and the culture. (Heck, if cancer couldn't keep me off the airwaves for long, nothing will.) Keep checking the site for a schedule of my appearances on the Fox News Channel. All queries regarding my on-air status should be directed to Talk Radio Network's management at 541 474 2297 or send an email. Thanks for sticking with me, and...Power to the People!

Laura is the lady who went from appearing on a 1995 cover of The New York Times Magazine in a friend's leopardskin miniskirt for an article about rising young conservatives to leading the counterattack on what she calls (rightly) "the pornification of America" as the most listened-to woman in America, The Laura Ingraham Show, a nationally syndicated radio show)…..

If the Democrats control both the White House and Congress in 2009, talk radio superstars like Laura are expected to come under attack.

We'll deal with that later.


(1) Let's tell Talk Radio Network's management that we want Laura back on the air NOW;

(2) Let's tell the local stations that carry Laura's show to let Talk Radio Network's management know that there is no substitute for Laura; and

(3)Let Talk Radio Network's Mark Masters himself know that we Laura fans consider keeping Laura off the air is utterly ridiculous and unfair.

Talk Radio Network's Contact information

P.O. Box 3755 Central Point, Oregon 97502



Email ] (Actually you will need to go HERE to contact them.)

I have "met" Laura Ingraham three times, though they were more like encounters since we were never properly introduced. All three encounters were disasters starting with a shouting match over a barking Dr. Troy. This happened 10 years ago in Central Park in NYC before either of us turned our lives to Christ, while the other two encounters occurred four years after the first, but just before our respective "Jesus moments,"--hers in '02 (I think) and mine in '03. In spite of these memorable moments with Laura I have become a huge fan of her's and her show and consider myself a member of her "extended family" of listeners addicted to her program.

I have already left a scathing message on the voice mail of one of the radio executives taking those calls. If you love her show go to the trouble of standing up for Laura. They are taking calls and are likely basing their future response upon our reactions to this news. Now get off your butts and do it!


Jeff said...

I read it. I did it. I'm done.