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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Islamic Women Extremists Demand Equal Martyrdom

From the Daily Mail comes a story about Islamic women extremists wanting their equal rights, not for education, employment, equal pay, or laws ensuring equal treatment, but rather for joining al Qaeda as suicide bombers to advance the cause of their own oppression. It is forbidden for women to join and blow themselves up for Allah according to Zawahiri. For the men of that culture, while being perfectly comfortable with beating, oppressing, sexually mutilating, and treating their women as chattel, the thought of women exploding for the cause makes the men feel a bit squeamish.

Instead, claims Zawahiri, women should make themselves “ready for any service” their men require. Better for the women to be ignorant servants to their crazy husbands while staying at home and raising their children to go out and blow themselves up for Allah, than to be allowed any equal footing in their society by sharing the burden (or glory) of dying for their God. And it sort of makes sense when you think about it. What the heck are female martyrs going to do with all those vestal virgins, anyway? (Please leave an amusing response in the comments section, thanks!)

(hat tip Culture Wire)


Anonymous said...

From a moral standpoint it'll make it easier to take 'em all out at once! (you asked for it)

Paul said...

Only one of the Islamic women in the picture was modest enough to conceal her eyes (which obviously tend to inflame the lust of men who are not her husband), and she is obviously not interested in obtaining a driver's license.

OTOH, she would not be a very effective suicide bomber, since even a seeing-eye dog is considered unclean in the Muslim culture, and might end up blowing herself up in a desert with no people around.

OTOOH, she might wake up in heaven the next day with her 72 virgins, and suddenly realize that, despite her forced childhood cliterectomy, she really likes girls more than guys. Allah works in mysterious ways.

Anonymous said...

WAKE UP and read the truth! Those of you who have these kinds of illeterate views have obviously not attemted to read the quran (holy book) niether understand the muslims and how the religion is followed. I was a Chritian once but as I grew older my own family and friends were part of different Christianity group, which one do you follow... and then you call Jesus GOD (funny how GOD died then?) You blind and ignorant people, seek the truth, learn the truth and you will be shamed yourselves!

St. Blogustine said...


I think you had better learn better English before you call my posting "illeterate," though I think you meant illiterate which would be wrong anyway.

You may have been a Christian once (but I doubt it) and you may be a muslim now, but have you ever been educated? My educated guess is that you have little or no knowledge of the Holy Bible, because if you did you would know that GOD did not die. It was his SON who died on the cross to pay the debts you and I owe for our sins. You would also know Jesus was resurrected on the third day and walked the Earth for 40 days before returning to Heaven at the right side of His Father. Praise God. We are not blind, nor are we ignorant. We do not follow a prophet who hit his head or fell asleep in a cave and imagined he spoke to a God who told him to treat women like chattel and mutilate their privates. I have no respect for extremists like you or your perverted version of an already bent religion.

Have a great day, God (the real one) bless you, and thanks for stopping by and entertaining my readers and myself.

Anonymous said...

"St." Blogustine,
Let me first say that I am a non-native speaker of English and thanks Allah ( who is the only "real God" and there is no my or your God) not a christian.It seems like you hit your head somewhere as you believe someone can pay for your sins even before you are born, which does not make say you do not like extremist people, but you sound more extremist than the other guy.It is obvious that you do not appreciate and tolerate other beliefs.We belive Jesus and Muhammed were prophets of God, that is why we respect them both, which you intolerant people cannot do.BTW this does not mean I should respect you or your ideas just because my religion accept the existence of Jesus.God sent Muhammed to all people.He is the last prophet and Islam is the last religion.I think you people should ask for forgiveness and free yourselves from your sins.If Jesus knew some day his followers will consider gay marriages very normal,which is widespread in christian world, he surely would not sacrify himself and be ashamed of his offsprings.

St. Blogustine said...

The reason your people are so violent is that it is the only way anyone will take them seriously.

How can anyone draw a moral equivalency between what I wrote (an opinion, as is yours) and what those crazy suicidal fools are doing, blowing themselves up for Allah. The man was a child molester. Need I say more?

As for Jesus dying for our sins...
I assume since you revere Abraham you also believe in Adam and Eve. You must also believe that when Adam bit the apple he and his offspring for generations to come were cursed with mortality.

Well, it may come as a surprise to you, but Jesus removed that curse with his sacrifice as the Lamb of God for all subsequent generations who believe in Him. That is how it works. Adam got us cursed before we were born, and Jesus removed the curse.

Truly the only thing I respect about your religion is that you admit that there was a Jesus who died on a cross. You merely deny his divinity in error. Good luck with that.

As for today's Christians thinking homosexual marriage is okay,... Those are not Christians, they are secularists pretending to be Christians.

Some may say I am not being fair to Muslims because I throw them all in a pot with the extremist wackos. I suppose if more Muslims would stand up to the wackos instead of standing back and smirking when another infidel gets his head lopped off, I would differentiate the two. As of right now, I see no difference.

If you would like to come by for another Bible or history lesson, be my guest. Comments are always appreciated...