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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bardot Fined For Speaking Her Mind

"I am fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country and imposing its acts.”

The above statement about Muslims has gotten retired sex-symbol/actress, Brigitte Bardot in some hot water (2 month suspended prison sentence and 15,000 Euro fine) in her home country of France, where freedom of speech is allowed but with some exceptions. She made the comment recently after being fined on four other occasions for inciting racial hatred---one of those exceptions.

Bardot, an animal rights activist, criticized the Muslim tradition of Eid al-adha, which involves the slaughtering of sheep (or similar animals) to commemorate Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice of his son. In this day and age one could hardly blame her for being upset.

France is home to 5 million Muslims making up 8% of their population. Can you imagine what it must be like watching your own country being overrun with people who have an 8th Century frame of mind and penchant for sacrificing animals en mass? Not to mention the fact that not only do they refuse to assimilate, but their goal is to make you change your customs and traditions to match theirs? Some of us here have issues with Mexicans who come to America and refuse to assimilate, or even learn English. But this is far worse, yes, even worse than the Reconquista movement. Recent polls revealed that Muslim immigrants to the US have rather moderate views about their religion, while the children of these immigrants (usually born here) have adopted much more extreme beliefs.

I propose an actor/actress swap with France, as some of our actors have, in the past, expressed an interest in moving there. We’ll take Brigitte Bardot, and France can have all of ours. God’s speed.

(Hat tip: Culture Wire and Blonde Sagacity I forget where I saw it first)


Paul said...

I totally agree with you, Matt, until your last paragraph. I'd gladly send them all our Alec Baldwins and other looney tunes liberal Hollywood types, but I think France can keep La Bardot (on whom I had a wild crush in my youth).

When Islam, and its adherents, can:

--Subjugate and demean all women (including forced circumcision of female babies);

--Decree the murder of Muslims leaving their faith, as well as the death of all pagans and atheists;

--Proclaim the goal of imposing Islamic rule on the entire world, by force if necessary;

and all the senescent Brigitte can come up with is to criticize them for their penchant for sacrificing animals in their religious rites, would be like Coco Chanel criticizing the Nazis for their penchant for black uniforms and clumpy boots.

By all means, send Framce our common-sense lobotomized celebrities, but let it keep Brigitte, as we retain our non-celebrity PETA base of fanatics (and I relive my memories of "And God Created Woman")