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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Absolut-ly Shameful

It would appear that Absolut, the company famous for making over-priced vodka, is trying to market its product by fanning the flames of resentment south of the border (as well as North in some neighborhoods) over an obsolete war long ago fought.

What do I mean by obsolete war? It means that things have happened since then that make the border redrawing somewhat irrelevant. Not to spend too much time or space on this, but Mexicans seem to forget that over 25 years after their war with us, the French under Napoleon III invaded Mexico and took the capitol. And it was the US, immediately after our own Civil War, who sent troops into Mexico to chase out the French. So if not for us, there would be no Spanish spoken here, only English and French. But I digress.

Absolut has just come out with this incendiary ad campaign after Monday's sale of Swedish company Vin & Spirit, to Pernod Ricard SA, a French liquor company. How very French of them to take advantage of our increasingly tense relationship with Mexico (and Mexican-Americans here illegally) just to sell booze. The last time some other entity tried to offer up the Southwest to Mexico we entered the First World War. Remember the Zimmermann telegram?

If you wish to view Absolut's new ad, you can visit Michelle Malkin's site (when Blogger allows me to post pics again, you will see it here. I love The ad seems to imply that if you drink enough of their crummy Vodka, the map of North America will appear to change more to a Mexican's liking. Check it out and then contact the New York office with your justified rage:

Jeffrey Moran
Director of Public Relations and Events
The Absolut Spirits Company, Inc.
1370 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10019
USAPhone, direct: +1 212 641 87 20

Poor Jeffrey.

(Hat tip to Michelle Malkin)




First the update. Jeffrey Moran is getting rather annoyed at all the phone calls, and is referring people to the new owner (his words), Pernod Ricard, at 914-848-4800 where they don't like answering the phone. Also, Michelle Malkin reports that the ad agency is located in Mexico City and is called Teran\TBWA. Big surprise there.

And now the correction. A reader calling himself Patrick has taken issue with my reporting that Absolut was purchased by Pernod Ricard. This is what I found reported in the article to which I linked. Upon further research I found Patrick's claim that Vin & Spirit only accepted the bid from Pernod Ricard was true. The actual purchase is to be finalized in the Summer. Read it here. So much for splitting hairs. Actually I do appreciate constructive criticism from readers, and cannot wait for Patrick to start posting on his blog....



Patrick said...

Sir. Get your facts straight. Pernod does not yet own Absolut. The Swedish government simply accepted their bid. Absolut is still 100% in the hands of the Swedish government. Your zeal to post something has outweighed your ability to rationalize the very post. This is not good, sir.

St. Blogustine said...

Sir, the article I linked to says PURCHASED. It refers to a bid as well, after saying PURCHASED the implication is that bid is in past tense.

If THEIR article is wrong or misleading then I am sorry for leadng you astray. My research is carefully done.

I am surprised you had nothing to say about the ad agency taking advantage of Mexican hatred based upon ignorance of history.

Thanks for stopping by.

Paul said...

Matt, like you, I find this ad odious. But let me add a quibble, as a long-time vodka drinker. Absolut is not "cheap." It runs at least twice the cost of my usual brand(s) (which is silly to me, since I just mix it with Squirt Soda anyway.)

No bad on you, "sir," and in fact a credit on your abstemious life style.

St. Blogustine said...

Yes, it is actually "premium" vodka. I think I may have said "cheap" out of spite. Thanks for the heads-up.

Kevin Gleeson said...

Looks like Patrick created an empty blog to be able to run around posting comments. Anyone else smell a Pernod corporate shill?

St. Blogustine said...

You might be right.

St. Blogustine said...

Okay, Paul. I changed it from cheap to over-priced. You are correct in saying it is anything but cheap.