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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Congressman Jack Murtha Cuts And Runs...Into Elevator

Video courtesy of Hot Air.

In an era where apologies are all-important, especially to Democrats, I wouldn't hold my breath in waiting for Murtha to apologize for condemning accused Marines before their case was even brought to trial. Now that the charges are in the process of being dropped, he'll be ducking into a lot of elevators to avoid answering for his rash comments.

And don't expect condemnation from the other Democrats, either. Murtha has built up a lot of clout since his ABSCAM days. So much so that Speaker Nancy Pelosi would back him for the position of House Majority Leader. I'm almost sorry Hoyer got it instead. Congress would have an even lower approval rating than they do now.


Bill said...

He has become the Dan Rostenkowski of today's Congress and needs to be ousted. Time to send letters to newspaper editorial pages of the local newspapers in his district, and wake those stupid people up!