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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

House Republican Conference Rejects Immigration Bill

Earlier today the Senate voted 64-35 in favor of cloture for the Immigration Bill, which sends the bill to the senate floor for debate over proposed amendments. The next cloture vote is expected on Thursday.

But while that was going on, the House Republicans conference decided to get together for a preliminary vote on the yet unfinished bill. It was rejected 114-23. The significance of this unofficial act should not be overlooked since the bill will have to come back through the House if the Senate passes it. Speaker Pelosi has warned the President that at least 70 Republican votes are needed for the Immigration Bill to pass the House to make up for its expected rejection by some Democrats living in conservative districts.

Although this news item did not stop the Senate from voting in favor of cloture today, it will undoubtedly have an effect on Thursday's vote. Some senators are no doubt breathing sighs of relief after feeling so much pressure from the White House and party leaders to vote in favor of said bill. Last Wednesday House Republicans introduced sweeping border security legislation that targets employers hiring illegals, beefing up border security, and detaining illegal immigrants. Implementing their suggested "employment eligibility verification" program would cost billions due to its high tech nature.