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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Giuliani and Thompson tied in National Poll

A poll of likely Republican primary voters was released today by the Rasmussen Report and shows Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson tied at 24% each! This is very good news for Fred Thompson, whom not yet having entered the race, has come from behind to tie the party front runner. Last week the same polls showed him trailing Giuliani by seven points 24% to Thompson's 17%. That's the good news for Fred.

The bad news is that Hillary still leads Fred 48% to 43%, which is down slightly from a month ago when she lead him 47% to 44%. Why the click upward for her is anyone's guess. And yet 47% of Americans swear they will vote against her if she runs in the general election. Her approval/disapproval numbers are even at 49% per Rasmussen, while Thompson's are much more promising at 45% favorable and only 31% unfavorable. No word on Giuliani-Hillary comparison that isn't at least a month old. Rudy lead her then, as did McCain. Oddly enough, Edwards leads Giuliani who leads Hillary who leads Edwards. Can you tell it's early in the campaign?