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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9-11...From A Distance, This Time.

At the 2008 Commemoration most of the first responders here had to stand outside with no view of the stage, like today.
As you all know today was the 10th Anniversary of the 9-11 attacks against our country, specifically on The World Trade Center towers, The Pentagon, and who-knows-exactly-where which was thwarted by the heroic passengers of Flight 93 which went down in Shanksville, PA.  I had planned to show up at any one of the three to cover events in person, but plans fell through.  Due to unexpected personal expenses and worrisome weather reports, I did not go anywhere today.  Warnings about car bombs had nothing to do with it, as I refuse to let those people dictate where I go and when I go there.  The coverage would have been lengthy with much photography.  So all I am left to do is make a few passing comments and link to here and there.

First I want to say that first responders have entered what I like to refer to as the forbidden zone at each of the 9-11 Commemorations, but only in small numbers.  I have photos of the 2008 Commemoration in which I acquired a press pass and sat with the privileged that morning.  But many more first responders had to stand out of view behind the obscuring trees and only listen to events in that zone.  I have a photo of THAT, too.

We have been told that religious and first responders have never been officially invited in the past 8 Commemorations, so "why now?"  And, "the precedent has been set for the past 8 Commemorations that no religious attend,"  and that their attendance would cause problems.

I draw your attention to the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance that took place at the National Cathedral in Washington D. C. on 9-14-01, a mere 3 days after the attacks occurred.  A Muslim Imam, Billy Graham, a rabbi, and an Archbishop all prayed aloud, delivered sermons, homilies, etc... and no one complained.  After all, there were many muslims killed in the twin towers who had nothing to do with hijackings.  And it was there at that Cathedral where the true precedent was set.  IMHO, it has been broken by NYC every year since.  And Mayor Bloomberg sees no reason to get it right.

From 2008:  Some first responders who got inside the forbidden zone.

If you saw the documentary film by those two french brothers entitled "9-11" then this picture should mean something to you.  Again, from the 2008 Commemoration.