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Friday, August 5, 2011

Senator John Kerry's Attempt To Ban Tea Party From Media Shows Desperation

And in so doing, Senator Kerry used inflammatory rhetoric to make his case, claiming that "Congress was held hostage..," and "People wanted to literally cut the baby in half."  Senator Kerry has been a member of Congress (in both House and Senate) long enough to remember government shut-downs, several dozen filibusters, and other parliamentary maneuvers done by members of both parties in efforts to get their way.  His effort to get the media to put a gag on dissenting opinion just shows how desperate the Democrats are in their efforts to retain power long enough to transform our nation into something second rate.  Or maybe he simply misses being relevant.

One thing is certain.  There is one group of people who are serious about fixing the debt problem, and there is another group who isn't.  The Republicans have proposed Cut, Cap, and Balance which would go far in reversing several decades of irresponsible fiscal management.  You may or may not agree with how the plan works, but you have to admit it IS an attempt, at the very least.

Senator Reid had a do something...but that something had little to do with the debt situation except to raise it.  And President Obama had no plan at all.  But after the "compromise," the President did voice his support for new spending on new social programs which would require the debt ceiling to be raised even further.  So when the Democrats in power say they're in favor of solving the debt problem...  they are actually in favor of someone else (republicans) taking the heat for a watered-down plan (compromise) that does virtually nothing but get democrats re-elected.

Senator Rubio is a fresh face with an up-to-date perspective on the silliness of these dinosaurs who got us into this mess, and offers his opinions.  It's worth watching the 14 minute video just to see him slam Senator Kerry.  Heh.


T. Paine said...

I am really tempted to agree with Kerry and insist that the media not give "balance" or credence to those ideas that everybody knows are lies and don't work, except I don't think that would be very fair to muffle the Democrats in such a way.

(Not to mention I don't want to follow Democratic suit and ignore the Constitution and their first amendment rights.)