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Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Blackness Is Showing...And It's About Time

Such an informative video!  Seriously, I thought Alan West was the only African-American running for Congress as a Republican this year, or certainly only two I'd heard of.  It's great to see Star Parker in the fight, and I hope she is given the opportunity to represent California in her district.

What a great crop of candidates!  Too bad I only just heard about them;  and no, I'm not living under a rock.  The MSM prefers to ignore such boat-rockers, those who seek to break the shackles of Democrat slavery, and therefore I am left ill-informed.  Oddly though, with all the conservative blogs I make the few moments available in my busy life to read, hardly any of them mentioned anyone else beyond Alan West running in Florida.  If the rest lose, perhaps we have ourselves to blame.

A big hat tip to my friend Paul, who got the video from Lucianne.


T. Paine said...

Wow! I also had no idea! That is awesome. Heck I am even linked to Star Parker's site and read it probably every week or two and still had no idea she was running.

I love Alan West and pray that he gets elected. He is a smart, tough, and moral man. Just what we need to set things right. Thanks for posting this, Matt!

Matt said...

Thank you for the correct spelling of AlAN West's first name. I've corrected my own. Luckily I didn't try to spell Frederick Douglass or I might've left out the 2nd 's.'