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Monday, October 4, 2010

Those Crazy Anti-Lifers. May God Convert Them All!

Things are starting to lighten up some around here, so now I can touch on a couple of stories that caught my attention:

First, from late last week a story HERE (<--click there) about a Brazilian supermodel who was pressured by a US modeling agency to have an abortion when she got pregnant her first time.  Fortunately, the better angels of her nature prevailed, and she had the child.... and another one since.  Her modeling career has NOT suffered!  God bless her and all those who resist such fear-inspired temptations.

Abortionist Boyle
Second, in Charleston, SC, an out of state (TN) abortionist pointed a loaded gun at several 40-Days-For-Life participants who were ministering outside the largest abortuary in SC, as he exited his car.  Click HERE for the full story,

Fortunately there was no accidental or intentional discharge of the firearm as the visiting abortionist, Gary Boyle, made his way inside the abortion mill.  Police were summoned in short order.  Boyle posted his $25,000 bond on Saturday.

This is not the first brush with authorities for Boyle on the issue of abortion.  Back in the 1990's he was caught operating an abortion mill without the required "certificate of need."

What kind of human being devotes his life to killing unborn children, legally or not?  I spent a few moments (life wasted) looking into the eyes of that individual's picture only to see fear and loathing.  I will continue to pray for his conversion and for the conversion of those like him.


Kevin Gleeson said...

Tell me you weren't tempted to entitle this post "Beauty and the Beast".