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Monday, September 13, 2010

Ilario Pantano's Speech At Rally Against Ground Zero Mosque

This man is running for Congress in North Carolina.  I witnessed this speech in person and wish him much success in his endeavors.

The speech is electrifying...once you get past the clapping.  He has tons of courage and conviction, no doubt from his years of active service in the US Marines.  What a great president he could make one day...  The future is looking brighter.

I figured I should include this video below as well, so everyone has a better understanding of who this man is. 


Margo said...

Thanks for sharing this! I've passed the videos along. I like this man. When he speaks it's from the heart. I think there is hope after all.

Lisa Graas said...

As far as I'm concerned, he's the best candidate out there. Here's why. I looked at his website. Look what he has under life issues. He gets it!

"Preserve a child's right to life. The moral and Biblical imperatives to preserve and protect our children cannot be denied. Nowhere else in society are the rights of adults given preference over the rights of a child. As a practical and strategic matter, if the U.S. fails to maintain a sufficiently high birthrate, we will experience irreversible population decline leading to a economic strain and eventually, societal collapse."