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Thursday, September 10, 2009

ACORN's Culture Of Corruption: Giving Tax Advice To Pimp And Importer Of Underage Sex Slaves

A man and a woman walk into ACORN in Baltimore pretending to be a candidate for congress and prostitute respectively.  The prostitute claims she is to "work" to raise funds for the candidate (pimp), and that 13 girls from El Salvador are coming to live with them and also "work" for the candidate as prostitutes.  The girls yet to arrive are all around 15 years of age.  Where is Daryl Hannah when you need her?

The ACORN employee tells them how to re-classify the job of the prostitute for tax purposes, and to either claim the 15 year old girls smuggled in from Central America as dependents or to treat them as if they don't exist.

Well it's nice to see that ACORN is earning its several billion dollars in Federal Stimulus money by putting so many girls to work, though only one as a tax payer.  Honestly, while watching this video it reminded me of another organization that appears to support subjugation of young females by asking them to lie in order to hide illegal sexual activity.  Any guesses?  Try Planned Parenthood, another organization that loves and is loved by Obama.  See links to posts I've done on that sad story by clicking HERE, and follow the link trail.

ACORN is an organization that will advance the liberal agenda by any means necessary.  It has no morals, it has no code of ethics that it lives up to.  Nothing is off limits, and it is powerful.  It may have a large hand in taking the census if Obama gets his way, which he probably will.  And since the Democrats have such large majorities in the House and Senate, misbehavior by ACORN and organizations like them will be it has been thus far

Will we be able to undo the damage wrought by Obama?  Only if conservatives regain control of the government.  With ACORN that possibility is shrinking.

Michelle Malkin has done several posts about ACORN's shenanigans.  Click HERE for the bunch.

(h/t's for this story:  Atlas Shrugs and American Power)


Joyful Catholics said...

What a FANTASTIC blog! I love your creative title, and all the photos from D.C. march for FREEDOM from Tyranny! God bless! :)