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Monday, July 20, 2009


For those of you who don't already know, Obama's proposed economy-crippling-health-care-bonanza has a recent addition to it in which abortion coverage will be mandatory. The implications are far reaching and are not limited to the following:

(From LifeSiteNews) --

  • Impose one of the cornerstones of the Freedom Of Choice Act by stealth.
  • Force taxpayers to fund a huge abortion industry bailout---something the majority of Americans oppose and certainly cannot afford in these tough economic times.
  • Mandate that virtually every American be forced into a health plan that includes abortion coverage.
  • Require honorable medical providers to violate their consciences and perform abortions---or risk losing their jobs.
(end of excerpt)

Pro-lifers everywhere should be getting involved to stop this....AND THEY CAN! They can click HERE to register (for free!!!) for Thursday's urgent nationwide webcast which features several well known speakers, from former presidential candidate and Governor Mike Huckabee to my own Congressman Joe Pitts (seen above in video).

This upcoming vote is considered to be the most important vote on the abortion issue since the Judicial Fiat of Roe vs. Wade. Get involved!

It was just the other day that it was discovered that preborn babies have memories! Well, they have souls, too!!!


T. Paine said...

God must surely weep at the profane manner in which we nonchalantly destroy the very lives he has blessed our world with, and this includes those lives that actually make it past birth and into adult-hood!

I ardently pray that socialized health care will not come to pass, now even more than ever if these abortion services are to be mandated within this evil legislation!