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Friday, February 13, 2009

"Something Is Wrong In America Today. Very , Very Wrong"

Star Parker, writing an editorial for Scripps Howard News Service, tells a story of the conviction of a black pastor, Walter Hoye, founder and chairman of Issues4Life Foundation, for holding a sign bearing a pro-life message and passing out pro-life literature near an abortion clinic in inner city Oakland, CA. In other words he tried to offer counseling to some confused young women on their way to kill their unborn baby without their parents' knowledge.

But it wasn't any of the patients who complained about Pastor Hoye. It was the employees at the clinic. The abattoir in question known by its euphemistic title, Family Planning Specialists, (catering to those who plan to have part of their family sucked down a sink) performs over 100 abortions per week at about $600 a kill. That comes to over $3 million per year in revenue, and most of that comes from the nearly bankrupt State of California, which insists on financing such endeavours no matter the dire state of the State.

Funny how abortuaries lobby politicians for laws that forbid parental knowledge and counseling on site, or discourage even sonograms. Seems like some people are hell-bent on getting these young ladies in and out quickly, $600 wham-bam-thank-- etc... It's certainly big business for Planned Parenthood, a multi-billion dollar goliath. None of them want to help plan families. They simply want to kill and get paid for it.

Pastor Hoye could get 2 years in prison and $4,000 in fines for standing in the way of BIG BUSINESS. Read the whole article HERE.

(h/t: Paul)


Anonymous said...

Come on now fellow Catholic. I understand that your are morally against abortion. One would hope that you're morally supportive of the truth and adherence to local laws. The ordinance in Oakland is L-A-W and the "Pastor" broke the law. Case closed. It is his right to peacefully protest. After he pays his fine (or finishes his jail term), he'll just have to move farther away from the store front AND cannot approach any person as they enter the store front. Kinda funny actually that this is what makes you think "Something is Wrong in America". Evidence of true injustice and oppression have been obvious to those who experience said conditions for centuries, all around the world.

Matt said...

I support both truth and morality. And I hope that you would support the 1st Amendment to the Constitution and not be in favor of laws that restrict such amendments simply for political correctness OR for the big business of killing unborn children.

Local laws I do support, and the right of local municipalities to enforce them. However we should all be against immoral laws and speak out against those laws of man that go against the laws of God.

You speak of true injustice and oppression as if it only applies to those poor abattoir employees who were offended that a pastor would try to give helpful information to a prospective kill (or rather the mother of a prospective kill) so she could at least make an informed decision of whether or not to let her child inside her continue his/her path to birth and beyond.

Would you have stood up for the immoral laws of slavery? Would you have been in favor of throwing Harriet Tubman into jail or worse (a whipping and hanging) for escaping to freedom from her lawful owner, or because she set up the underground railroad which resulted in the loss of property by southern slave-owners? It was their LEGAL right to pursue their "property," was it not?

Something is wrong with the jury who found the pastor guilty. Something is very, very wrong with the City of Oakland for passing such laws which help hide information that might lead to a voluntary birthing by the mother. Seems kinda funny a fellow Catholic would take YOUR position.

Kevin Gleeson said...

The anonymous commenter speaks of the pastor just having to move further away from the store after paying the fine and/or serving a jail sentence, but $4000 in fines is no mere pittance, nor is 2 years in jail a small loss of freedom, especially for a good man merely offering a last chance to these mothers to choose life for their babies.

Moral thinkers would rather see bad law changed than adhered to. Her thinking would have blacks giving up their bus seats to whites and using separate facilities indefinitely, as long as the law says they have to do so.

R.L. Schaefer said...

Anonymous is not a "fellow", or any other kind of Catholic - No one who condones abortion, or politically supports and enables the killing of the unborn is in union with the Church.

People may continue to call themselves Catholic. or Captain Kirk, but claiming to be a thing does not make it so.

Paul said...

"Anonymous" is absurd!

"Truth and adherence to local laws" would include, as Kevin mentioned, keeping black people in the back of the bus, as well as supporting Arabian bans on items of Christian worship (like the crucifix), literacy tests and poll taxes on southern black folks here in America, bans on inter-racial marriages, and so many other things I'm sure this "fellow Catholic" is in favor of.

Give it up, you programmed dude (or dudess.)