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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Folly Of Abortion

(enjoy the Spanish music and please accept my apologies for no subtitles)

On December 8, 1982 Nick Vujicic was born in Melbourne, Australia with no arms or legs, but only a small, two-toed foot growing out of his left thigh. Although there was no known medical reason for this occurrence, he resembled the Thalidomide babies from the early 1960's.

According to his testimony the midwives hid him from his mother when he was born, to spare her the shock of his deformity; while his father, having seen the newborn, had to run outside and purge. It was a shock to everyone, but they made the best of it with what they had available school-wise. Although Nick suffered at the hands of his peers and experienced great depression throughout his childhood, he was able to overcome his disability and emotional distraught through the Grace of God. He then founded Life Without Limbs, an organization dedicated to inspiring others not only to face life, but to achieve life's greater purpose. Currently he travels abroad working as a motivational and Christian inspirational speaker.

2 Corinthians 12:9 And he said unto me, My Grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

What a shame it would've been had his parents looked at a sonogram early in the pregnancy and decided to abort the child. While some short-sighted person would have recommended this to spare the hardship of the child and the family in general, we can now clearly see the folly in such a decision which would've denied other limbless people a man of such inspiration.

And with this in mind, how can anyone rationalize having an abortion performed simply because a child would be "unwanted?" I ask, unwanted by whom? Certainly not by God! And the lives of these children are not unwanted by themselves, either. Go to any orphanage and ask a child: Do you wish you had been aborted? The answer you can expect is: Of course not! I wish I had a Mom and Dad who loved me enough to raise me. Adoption is always an option. And if it isn't the next best thing, it sure beats killing babies in the womb.


Anonymous said...

This is amazing - thanks for posting it!

St. Blogustine said...

Your welcome. I found his story truly inspiring.

FloridaWife said...

Hi. My husband sent me this link.

I was feeling so melancholy earlier because of what I do not have.

Now seeing the story of this man and viewing both videos has reminded me that I need not worry, but continue to wait with faith. It is hard when you want something so much. Thank you for making this post.

St. Blogustine said...
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St. Blogustine said...


I visited your blog and wonder if your strong desire for children isn't making it hard to see God's plan for you. Could His plan be what you referred to as "plan B" (adoption)?
Somewhere there might be a 2 year old black baby who wants a mommy every bit as much as you want to be one. A friend of mine adopted two...and loves them every bit as much as he loves his two that he and his wife created.