Friday, January 25, 2013

40th Annual March For Life In Pictures

Today saw quite possibly the largest March For Life event in its history, as over 500,000 pro-life souls arrived at the National Mall to protest the 40th anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade.  Waiting for the pro-lifers outside the Supreme Court Building were up to 50 foul-mouthed, pro-abortion counter-protesters, which is the largest group of its size I've seen thus far.

It was a very cold and windy day which ended with snow flurries.  But that didn't dissuade 400 students from New Orleans or 600 students from Evansville from making the trip.  Nor did it dampen the spirits of the groups from Italy, Viet Nam, France, Germany, Poland, Kansas, Tennessee, etc from showing up.  Everyone was excited about the March, including the students from Notre Dame University who proudly and swiftly marched with the March For Life banner, steam rolling over and past the angry mob-ette of pro-abortion harpies who don't seem to like babies much.

In my attempt to interview a few of the pro-abortionists, my questions never got past "so how many of you made it here this year?"  All but one completely ignored the question, and she simply denied any knowledge of their numbers.  So I estimated around 50, and that's being generous.

Among those brave and determined souls marching were Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades with his seminarians, several other bishops, priests, nuns, students, concerned citizens of all religions, gay pro-lifers, feminists for life, and several well known bloggers.  At the end of the March, we heard Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests For Life speak, along with Janet Morana, Georgette Forney, with Julia Holcomb (Steven Tyler's former girlfriend) of Silent No More with their testimonies.

All in all it was a very successful day in which the Knights of Columbus did a great job controlling the crowd and keeping the flow of the March very smooth.

I will try to squeeze in as many photos as I can, as people were very gracious in allowing their pictures to be taken.  Click on them to make them larger if you'd like...

Also, if you have published photos on this year's March please leave a link to your site in the comments section.

I'll be including links to other coverage throughout the weekend:  Washington Post has a photo collection (not too bad), New York Times has actually covered the March this year(says "thousands marched," LOL!!!), as did the Huffington Post, a video at MRCTV givers a good impression of crowd size, The Crescat didn't go but has good samples from others, Operation Rescue:  Boston News has lots of photos, Jill Stanek has a recap on the event, constantly blogs the continuing battle against abortion, and should be bookmarked as a "must read" site daily for pro-life updates,....

The Walk For Life West Coast drew over 50,000 participants!

400 from New Orleans

600 from Evansville

Dutifully protecting pro-lifers from annoying pretzel vendors
His Excellency, Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades with seminarians
Notre Dame students received the honor of carrying the banner this year
"Let the March begin!"

"Let's do it again!"  These students showed much enthusiasm.

Can't argue their point without getting loud and obscene
Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests For Life
Janet Morana, author of Recall Abortion
Georgette Forney of Anglicans For Life and Silent No More telling an emotional story
Julia Holcomb telling her abortion story regarding Steven Tyler's unborn child
Last year I saw a Franciscan in bare feet.  So this year I wore sandals.  Stupid stupid stupid!  Brrrrrr!
She's cute and he knows it.
Award for coolest hats


  1. +JMJ+ Thank you so much for posting the link to your photos on the Aquinas thread (non-March for Life photo thread). Looks like I have some reading to do to catch up. :)

  2. Awesome blogging! Will post it at my place. And wish I could have made it. We'll get together one of the times. Pro-life!

  3. Thanks so much for posting this link on my web magazine, The Catholic Beat. These are wonderful photos and I really love your "interview" attempt with the pro-abortion folks. Sorry to say that I didn't know about your blog before now but that has thankfully changed!

  4. Thank so much for these great photos. I wish I could have been there! I hope your feet have thawed out!

  5. Your photos speak a thousand words! Well done at capturing the feel and passion of this historic march. I wasn't able to attend in person but was with you in prayer. Hope you don't mind I shared a couple of your photos on and

    Blessed Mother Teresa, pray for us!

  6. Correction on the blog links:

    Thanks Matt and God bless!

  7. Matt, may God bless you and all of those that marched and work every day to try and end this horrific evil.

  8. I was so pleased to see the hundreds of thousands of young people marching. May I suggest that its the politicians greatest fear that so many potential voters may vote against them. May I suggest that tables be set up along the way during next years march to register voters. Trust me you will then get their attention and that of the liberal press. Walter tg

  9. Beautiful photos, Matt. Beautiful blog. Thank you.


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